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Read What Orange County Medical Association Says About Suzanne’s Catering

We were overjoyed when we read what the Orange County Medical Association (OCMA) had to say about Suzanne’s Catering Services. Read below and let us know what you think about our latest review.

“The Orange County Medical Association (OCMA) has consistently used Suzanne’s Catering for a period of three years. In our experience, the most important factors to consider when choosing a caterer are quality of food, competitive pricing, outstanding service and flexibility to make adjustments, even during the event, as needed.

Suzanne’s Catering excels in an all of these categories. Suzanne’s Catering menu is extensive and we have been extremely pleased with the food quality as well as the range of menus — from various ethnic based options to traditional offerings to healthy alternatives. We have several doctors who have restricted diets and Suzanne’s Catering has been able to adapt ingredients to stay within the restrictions while still being creative and making it delicious.

Pricing by Suzanne’s Catering is very competitive as compared to market rates – we base this comment on extensive comparisons with other caterers and kitchens at various venues. Suzanne will always make every effort to stay within a client’s budget and often offers complimentary items which are much appreciated. And probably the best feature about Suzanne’s Catering is the outstanding service, good will and flexibility to adapt to any situation.

Suzanne and her staff always put the client and their guests first. When you book Suzanne, it is similar to working with a friend, a trusted colleague or a family member as you will be well taken care of in all respects even beyond receiving great food. There are so many details in putting together a successful event, Suzanne and her staff work closely with you to ensure an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Suzanne can also provide rentals, audio-visual support, flowers, decorations, etc. all at significantly discounted prices. Suzanne’s Catering has earned the position of exclusive Resident Caterer for all Orange County Medical Association events which include any external groups hosting educational seminars or events at the OCMA facility in Irvine. We give Suzanne’s Catering a five star rating and highly recommend her services.”

Robert J. McCann, MHA
CEO / Executive Director
Orange County Medical Association

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  1. Great review for suszanne’s catering! :) Kudos!


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