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Allow Suzanne’s Catering experienced rental coordinators to assist you in personally designing your every event detail.

Shop Local – Farm to Table Vegetables

Farm to Fresh Box of VegesFarm to Table. A buzzword among foodies and health community. Simply put, it’s just buying stuff directly from a farm and buying food from people who are producing food on a very small scale.

Typically, the closer you can get to eating something that comes out of the ground, the better it’s going to be if it’s produced. If you’re buying stuff that’s shipped from halfway around the world, by the time it gets here it may be out of the ground for two weeks. If you can get something out of the ground within 24 hours and you’re cooking it, it’s night and day.

Courtney Perkes from the Orange County Register recently wrote an article about supporting local farms and included a list of local farms to support. Key take-a-way is to shop local, support local farms, and your body will thank you!

South Coast Farms - 949-661-9381

Morning Song Farm - 888-816-3335

Tanaka Farms - 949-283-0487

VR Green Farms - 949-697-0032

C and P Farms - 949-280-3924

Farm Fresh to You - 800-796-6009

Smith Farms - 714-962-3188

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